The 3 Best Dog Breed for Kids.

Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad
5 min readJan 22, 2021
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I write this article for all the dog lovers out there. In this blog post, I will help you choose the best dog for you.

Dogs teach kids to love, be compassionate, responsible & have patience with others.

They are a substantial source of happiness & compassion for a family.

But it is important to understand what kind of dog will suit your family depending on the temperament & energy levels of the breed you choose.

Traits of an excellent family dog:

Dr. Holly Putnam, DMV & former board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians states:

“You should consider the size & energy level of the dog you want to adopt & your family’s lifestyle as well”.


The dog should have an agreeable temperament. A calm dog can form loving & strong bonds with your kids.

Energy level:

It is about choice. Some dogs need more exercise than others. Not providing the lifestyle the dog needs can lead to behavior issues in the long run.


Size correlates with both energy levels & temperament. Dr. Putnam states:

“For instance, if you have a family with small children, a large, rambunctious dog may knock the children down”.

“A smaller dog is a much better choice for a family for with kids”.

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Boston Terrier:

We know Boston Terrier as the American Gentlemen. They were originally bred to be fighters but over the century they have become known for their kind & affectionate nature.


1: Muscular, small enough to be children friendly, large enough to not get injured while playing with the kids.

2: A superb choice for novice owners, they are lazy enough to adapt well to apartment living, but they also need regular exercise, which provides playtime for you & your kids.

3: Because of their short snouts they are prone to overheating & they also do not tolerate cold weather due to them not having fuzzy coats. I recommend keeping them inside in harsh weather.

4: They interact well with youngsters, elders, kids & other animals (especially if they were brought up together). But they can get aggressive, especially the males if they feel they are invading their territory.

5: They can have respiratory problems. Avoid pulling on the collar of the dog if you want to take them where you want to.

6: They are greedy for food. Monitor their daily calorie intake to keep them from getting obese.

7: Never buy a puppy from a pet store, puppy mill, or an irresponsible breeder. Puppies that come from those environments are prone to genetic diseases.

You should buy a puppy from a reputable breeder that tests the dog for diseases properly to avoid any issues.

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Bull Dog:

People originally bred the Bull Dog to fight bulls in arenas in the 13th century. They were bred to be incredibly powerful with enormous jaws & were immune to pain.

When England banned blood sports in 1835, the Bull Dog faced the threat of extinction. Lovers of these dogs wanted them to become companions rather than fighters. This is where the modern bulldog came into existence.


1: They are loyal, relaxed, loving & have a laid-back temperament. They love to sleep too.

2: They are lazy & stubborn. But It is important to take them on regular walks for optimal health.

3: They are incredibly greedy for food. Monitor their daily caloric intake to avoid making them obese.

4: Their short noses make them prone to respiratory problems. Sleep Apnea is a common problem in Bull Dogs.

5: Their short heads & fronts makes giving birth difficult. It is advised that breeding should only take place by a responsible breeder.

6: They cannot tolerate cold, hot & humid weather. Do not take them outside in these conditions.

7: A noble choice for busy & lazy owners. Incredibly loving towards kids, adults & other animals.

8: If their health is taken care of, they can be an excellent choice for most people.

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Labrador Retriever:

The most famous & loved dog for decades! They were made popular in Canada. Their thick coats & high-energy attitudes made them the mate of fishermen. They helped them catch fish & were duck retrievers as well.


1: A well-built medium-sized dog that proves to be a play partner for the kids.

2: A superb choice for people that have physically active lifestyles. And an awful choice for people that live like the exact opposite.

3: They love to eat a lot! A diet with low-calorie, high-volume foods is an ideal choice for these dogs.

4: Retrievers need 30–60 minutes of exercise every day. If not provided, they will vent their pent-up energy by barking & chewing.

5: Not a good watchdog! They easily greet intruders & will help them find stashed goods of yours.

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Conclusion, how to choose the right dog on this list:

Before you buy any dog, make 100% sure that you consider the lifestyle of your family & kids.

1: How active are you?

2: Do you have other pets like cats, birds, etc?

3: Do you have a 9–5 schedule? Or you operate your own full-time business?

4: Do you live in a downtown apartment? Or you live in a regular home in a suburb? Or in a rural area & operate a farm?

5: What is the climate like in the area you live?

Because of the lifestyle you live, your kids will live it with you. On these factors, I will give my verdict.

Boston Terrier:

A perfect choice for individuals that are active but to a certain extent. They & their kids would love to have a play partner like this cute doggo. Seriously consider the climate of your area, not too hot or too cold.

Bull Dog:

A perfect choice for most people. They are lazy, love to cuddle & playing with them provides a great session of fun & joy for you & your kids. And again consider the climate of your area. It shouldn’t be harsh.

Labrador Retriever:

A superb choice for families with super active lifestyles. An area where the climate is on the colder side, as their thick coats can make them overheat in a tropical climate.

I have highlighted the positives & negatives of each dog & given my verdict nevertheless, have a long thinking process before you adopt an animal into your life.

I hope this article has helped you out! Thank you for reading. :)



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