Cats, milk & lactose intolerance, the answer to this question.

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What the research & science says:

  • Vomit.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Feeling sick & lousy.
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If lactose is bad for them, then why do cats love dairy products?

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Many cats tolerate milk just fine:

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What if you are raising an orphaned kitten? Or your cat might like milk or dairy a lot. Here are your alternatives:

The importance of water for a cat's well being:

  • Kidney disease.
  • Tumors.
  • Stones.
  • Urinary diseases.
  • Regulate body temperature.
  • Eliminate waste.
  • Lubricate tissue.
  • Allow salt and other electrolytes to pass through the body.
  • Digest food.
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  • Regular cow’s milk is dangerous for cats. According to doctors.
  • Lactose-free, soy, KMR milk are healthy options as “Treats” for cats once in a while.
  • KMR milk specifically for orphaned kittens you’re trying to raise.
  • Many cats tolerate milk just fine because they can digest the lactose inside of it.
  • Even then, normal cat food should be given daily as the primary source in the diet model.
  • Cats love dairy because of the fats & protein inside of it.
  • Ice cream, cheese, yoghurt are all healthy snacks to be given once in a while for cats. They are healthy because of the industrial processes breaks down the lactose & makes it ineffective to harm the stomach of a cat.
  • Water is essential for a cat's well-being & is underrated in this department.



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